19 Amazing Corrugated Cardboard Ceiling Lamps

Corrugated cardboard designing is quite trending now a days, from chairs, tables, home decor to architecture. We all know that cardboard and extreme heat are never a good idea, yet the designers of this cardboard ceiling lamps made it work of combining the two and create lamps that are light, less wasteful and inexpensive. Brilliant ideas of the designers that highly flammable cardboard and extreme heat can work together. You may select from the photo below some design to create an amazing corrugated cardboard ceiling lamps. 

5 Tips to Do with All Your Holiday Waste

You may not be in love with the fringed, mesh muscle shirt that one of your over-zealous co-workers gave you, but someone else might go gaga over it! Planning a swap party is simple – just invite a few favorite friends to bring over their unwanted gifts, serve some yummy snacks and beverages, and let the trading begin! For an added dose of excitement, play the classic gift-switching game White Elephant.

The idea that regifting is taboo! If you’ve got a gift that you know someone else will enjoy more than you will, why not give it to them? Better yet, start a ‘gift drawer’ to collect new beautiful items that you can see being perfect for future birthdays, housewarmings, etc.

The most generous way to discard of unwanted toys, clothes and electronics after the holidays is also the easiest. Donate to local shelters, charities or Goodwill. Dropping items off on the way to do errands is a cinch and in many cases, pickups can be arranged free of charge.

Before you trash your old TV, mp3 player or computer to make way for your newly acquired goodies, consider how dangerous e-waste is for the environment and for human beings. Check out the EPA’s page on how to find ecycling locations to dispose of your electronics safely and maybe even get you a discount on some new ones!

This one’s a no-brainer but it still rings true. Saving and reusing your giftwrap as well as recycling your tree are simple steps you can take towards battling P.H.W.

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Elegant Looking Recycled Soda Can Tabs Gift for Christmas

Save yourself from shopping this year by simply doing a DIY project, perfect holiday gifts for every relatives and friend! Take a look at this elegant looking recycled soda can tabs that everyone’s wishing for this Christmas, Save your cash and spend some time crafting for this holiday season!

American actress Kristen Stewart wearing soda can tabs bracelet

Last Minute Christmas Tree Ideas

Interesting Last Minute Christmas Tree Ideas
This holiday season, one of the things we are excited about is dressing up the centrepiece of our homes – our Christmas Tree! If you are tired of decorating and thinking of how to match your ornaments and lightings better check out these last minute Christmas trees. Be different this year!  Have fun creating your Christmas Masterpiece!  

 Disposable Rubber Gloves 

Recycled Christmas Card Baubles

When I was a kid, my parents had some store-bought baubles like this in a plain red. Recently I discovered a tutorial, so now you and I can make them in all colours of the rainbow :-)

Complete Tutorial Here!
How to Make Christmas Baubles

Another Paper Ball Christmas Ornament

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